My Daughter Does Burpees

I don’t force her to and didn’t teach it to her as a party trick, but my soon-to-be 3-year-old does burpees for fun.

It started after I joined CrossFit for a work thing at the old gig. Now the thing about CrossFit is that it’s a moerse effective strength and conditioning programme, but will point out your weaknesses like pedophiles at a playground. One of my weaknesses was a painfully slow burpee, so I practiced at home.

I make a point of doing my fitness things away from my wife’s gaze because I’m a little self-conscious. I also try and keep it from our spawn because she automatically thinks it’s a game and then there goes my PB.

And one day spawn caught a glance of her dad being ridiculous and decided to join in.

Burpees became squats, and then escalated to mother and me carting our little princess to CrossFit on a Saturday morning.

I know what you’re thinking: “You overbearing idiot, let the kid be a kid. A CrossFit box is no place for preschoolers.”

You’re right to a point, but her tender years only puts her at a disadvantage when she’s asked to do things that require advanced coordination, all her attention, or pure height. In every other activity spawn has been outstanding.

She has the best squat in the class and even corrects her form if the coach led her astray, she has astounding stamina — something she proved in the first class when the “ladies first” rule meant that she was doing three times as much work as the rest of the class.

That said, I’m just happy that she enjoys being active as much as I do and was super emotional after seeing her do well at and genuinely have an appetite for CrossFit.

If you’re a CrossFit member, or are looking for an alternative to the traditional more chaotic kiddies fitness programmes you should definitely give CrossFit Kids a try. It’s fun, they’ll meet new friends, you’ll have something to share and they’ll be learning to more accurately move and control their bodies. Also, you’ll be able to shame your globogym-frequenting friends by telling them that your kid can make it through their toughest workouts.




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